Scientific Vita

Prof. Dr.

Adelheid Cerwenka

Academic Education and University Degrees

Venia Legendi for Immunology, University of Heidelberg, Faculty of Medicine, Heidelberg, Germany, mentor Prof. Stefan Meuer, Heidelberg, Germany
1991 - 1995
PhD, Institute of Immunology, University of Vienna, Austria, supervised by Prof. Walter Knapp
1986 - 1991
Diploma in Pharmacy, Institute of Immunology, University of Vienna, Austria


2017 - today
Full Professor of Immunbiochemistry, Heidelberg University, Medical Faculty Mannheim, Germany
2003 - 2017
Head of Boveri Junior Group “Innate Immunity” at the German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany
2001 - 2003
Head of Laboratory, Division of Autoimmune Diseases, Novartis Research Institute, Vienna, Austria
1998 - 2001
Post-doc, DNAX Research Institute and University of California, San Francisco, USA, with Prof. Lewis L. Lanier
1996 -1998
Post-doc, University of California, San Diego, CA, USA and at the Trudeau Institute, NY, USA, with Prof. Richard W. Dutton
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Office: Tridomus, Haus C, Ebene 5
Ludolf-Krehl-Strasse 13 - 17
Lab: Tridomus, Haus B, Ebene 3
Ludolf-Krehl-Strasse 7 - 11
D-68167 Mannheim